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Just over one year ago, I created a Cisco-focused study group on Discord to supplement the already popular Webex Teams study groups I had created previous to that. The intention of the Discord community was to focus just on Cisco certifications, sharing resources and experiences with other likeminded individuals.

Today I am announcing some changes to the Discord community which will hopefully help foster more interaction amongst members and increase the engagement within the community.

The following changes have been put in place:

  • The name of the Discord community has been renamed to The Network Wizkid Discord Community
    • As the Network Wizkid brand continues to grow, I would like the name to be reflected to provide familiarity amongst the community
  • Stale channels within the community have been removed to make room for more relevant channels in the community
  • The ‘exam success’ channel permissions have now been changed to allow any community member to share their exam successes with the community
  • The requirement for two rounds of Captias have been removed and so new members will only be required to verify their account once before being granted full access to all channels
  • A dedicated CISSP lounge has been created, specifically for verified CISSP holders
  • Vanity roles have been added so that community members can now select their specialist technology area

As the server continues to grow, we continue to add additional channels and act on suggestions from fellow community members.

We want to make this space as inclusive as possible while promoting growth through certifications and personal development. If you would like to be a part of the community then you can join The Network Wizkid Discord Community here.


Kelvin is a Cyber Security professional with years and experience working with organisations in different verticals, both large and small. He enjoys contributing to the Network Wizkid knowledge base and he also creates technical content. Kelvin enjoys learning new things and often does this by working on achieving new technical certifications. He holds many professional certifications and academically, he has achieved a Bachelors and Master's degree in both Computer Networks and Cyber Security.

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