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The Tech Dialogue podcast discusses topics around life inside and outside the technology industry with great people from all walks of life. You can listen on here or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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We Are All Expendable | EP6 S1 Tech Dialogue

In Episode 6, Season 1 of the Tech Dialogue, Kelvin speaks on recent job challenges, how he tackled them and how it has now changed his mindset moving forward. The post We Are All Expendable | EP6 S1 first appeared on .
  1. We Are All Expendable | EP6 S1
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  3. Cisco Security Certification Changes 2023 Part 1 | EP4 S1
  4. Senior Network Engineer to Senior Cloud Developer Advocate | EP3 S1
  5. The CCIE Marathon Continues | EP2 S1

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Kelvin Charles

Kelvin created Tech Dialogue, a podcast that discusses life inside and outside of technology with great people. Tech Dialogue is hosted on the Network Wizkid website and is also available to stream on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.