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Nominated for the ‘Cyber Security Influencer of the Year’ Award

When I first started ‘Network Wizkid’ in 2015, my main motivation was to document my journey into the technology industry and share my knowledge and resources with those that wanted to embark on a similar path. My whole working life has been mainly unconventional and met with struggle and uncertainty and so I know what that looks like for people coming from similar backgrounds. Often times the struggles involve not having access to resources due to unavailable funds or simply just not knowing where to look because there is no one to look up to or offer relevant guidance. Regardless of the circumstance, I wanted Network Wizkid to become a platform where people could learn from and grow by having access to me and also information that might not be readily available elsewhere (at least for free or at reduced prices).

Fast-forward to 2023, the Network Wizkid brand has continued to grow and provides valuable technical and non-technical information to people around the world through the delivery of videos, blogs, social media posts and even through the Tech Dialogue Podcast.

When I reflect on the journey so far, though it’s been difficult at times to maintain the platform while also focusing on family, work and life in general, I am immensely proud of what has been achieved thus far and the kind messages of gratitude I often receive from individuals that have benefited from my content. It is with all that reflection and knowing that I’m helping at least one other person somewhere in the world that pushes me to continue developing the Network Wizkid brand. Moreover, having received news today that I have been nominated for ‘Cyber Security Influencer of the Year’ by the Cyber Security Awards is a true testament to my efforts being recognised.

Now, while others have also been nominated for this award, whatever the result, I know that I am making a change in the world through the creation of content that I put out across the Network Wizkid brand and for me that’s huge in its own right. Nevertheless, to win the ‘Cyber Security Influencer of the Year’ award would be a wonderful achievement for me and my contributions to the cyber security industry.

To speak on the nomination process, a nominee must have demonstrated ‘exceptional influence in the cyber security industry’ and the award ‘celebrates influencers who have a track record of success in engaging audiences and creating positive change in the industry’. All entries are scored against a specific criterion, these are:

  • Evidence of Influence
  • Raising the Profile in Cyber Security
  • Enforcing Awareness
  • Enforcing Diversity

More information can be found at:

You can see the list of the 2023 nominees here: 2023 Cyber Security Awards – Cyber Security Awards

With that said, regardless of the outcome of the award, I just wanted to create this post to let you all know of the nomination and to say thank you to each and every one of you who find value in Network Wizkid; Thank you.


Kelvin is a Cyber Security professional with years and experience working with organisations in different verticals, both large and small. He enjoys contributing to the Network Wizkid knowledge base and he also creates technical content. Kelvin enjoys learning new things and often does this by working on achieving new technical certifications. He holds many professional certifications and academically, he has achieved a Bachelors and Master's degree in both Computer Networks and Cyber Security.

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