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Learn Rest API’s, Coding, Programmability & More with Cisco DevNet

Technology is dominating the market more than ever and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Coupled with this comes the need for specific skills in many different areas ranging from Networking, Programming and more.

One of the areas that seems to be in the spotlight right now is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially when we speak about ‘The New Era of Networking’ with Cisco. This brings the need for new talent that have the right skills to innovate further and bring new ideas to the table.

Cisco has many ways in which they can equip individuals with the skills required to power today’s workforce and in this article I wanted to address one of the ways in which we can do this by using ‘Cisco DevNet’.

Cisco DevNet is a place where you can learn things such as Network Programmability, Data Application Development and even Automation. Cisco DevNet provides FREE courses on coding using Python, programming, application development and even provides free access to development labs. You have the ability to join active forums, communicate with like-minded individuals and discuss potential ideas for projects.

Cisco has now given us another avenue to develop our skills in industry areas where demand is high and the best thing is that…‘It’s all free’. I don’t want to spoil all the fun by giving you all the details so head over to the Cisco DevNet website by clicking on the link below and sign up for free today.

Cisco DevNet


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