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Today I would like to share a link to an interview I recently did with fellow Vlogger and now good friend Du’An. He runs a very good YouTube channel, dedicated to inspiring and sharing tech knowledge with the world, check Du’An out here: YouTube 

The purpose of the interview was to discuss where I started, how I started and where I am today with the intention of inspiring and motivating other individuals. Du’An has released part one of the interview on his YouTube channel and I wanted to further share this with my community, check out the video below.



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Update 17/01/18 – Part 2



Kelvin is a Cyber Security professional with years and experience working with organisations in different verticals, both large and small. He enjoys contributing to the Network Wizkid knowledge base and he also creates technical content. Kelvin enjoys learning new things and often does this by working on achieving new technical certifications. He holds many professional certifications and academically, he has achieved a Bachelors and Master's degree in both Computer Networks and Cyber Security.

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