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Integrate Cisco Umbrella with Cisco SecureX

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to integrate Cisco Umbrella with the Cisco SecureX dashboard.

The process is rather straightforward in that the administrator only needs to enable single sign-on within Umbrella in order for this to work.
To enable single sign-on within Umbrella, complete the following steps:
Login into Cisco Umbrella and navigate to Admin > Authentication
Enable single sign-on and select ‘Cisco Secure Sign-On’ and click ‘NEXT’
Verify the Cisco Secure Sign-On by testing the configuration. If unsuccessful, follow the on-screen instructions.
When successful, the pop-up page with appear to let you know that SAML is configured correctly and you should also see a small green tick on the Umbrella page (as shown in the screenshots below).
For step 3 you will need to Save and Notify users that SAML has been configured. Read the on-screen information and if happy to proceed, mark the two check boxes and click ‘SAVE AND NOTIFY USERS’ to complete the single sign-on for Cisco Umbrella.
Single sign-on for Cisco Umbrella is now complete and you should now be able to verify this under Admin > Authentication (as shown in the screenshot below).


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