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CCIE Security WebEx Teams Group

I’ve had many people reach out to me over the last couple of months and ask if we could get together to share ideas and methods in order to attain the CCIE Security certification. This has led me to write this post and hopefully have something productive come from it.

I’ve been a part of internal/external study groups before and although it’s nice to meet people within these groups, there hasn’t really been any structure as to how we can actually work in tandem to achieve certifications. So, today I would like to put together what would hopefully be a productive and valuable study group for the CCIE Security. With that said I’ve decided to create this post as a call to those that want to be a part of a new Cisco WebEx Teams space that I am putting together for the CCIE Security certification.
I want to keep the group as simple as possible but with a strong focus on REALLY keeping the members of the group focused on the task at hand… attaining the CCIE Security certification. I’ve been thinking of ways to do this and I’ve come up with a few simple things that we could do as a group.
  • A virtual meeting every two weeks – This will give members of the group the opportunity to share with the group, what they’ve been learning or even demonstrate a lab based on the blueprint.
Day: Saturday or Sunday
Time: Varies depending on time zone and presenter
Note: I am open to moving this to a weekly basis if we have many that want to participate.
  • Actively encourage participation in blueprint topics that you are studying – We are all in this together, there are no silly questions! Attempt to answer questions with references to materials, Cisco docs and other sources.
Share any information/content that could benefit the group – If you have content that you can share with the group that is deemed helpful, feel free to share it with the group. This could be (although not limited to) labs, links to useful presentations/Cisco docs or even YouTube videos.
The above may change over time and I will do my best to notify everybody of any changes but until then you can join the CCIE Security WebEx Teams Group here:


Kelvin is a Cyber Security professional with years and experience working with organisations in different verticals, both large and small. He enjoys contributing to the Network Wizkid knowledge base and he also creates technical content. Kelvin enjoys learning new things and often does this by working on achieving new technical certifications. He holds many professional certifications and academically, he has achieved a Bachelors and Master's degree in both Computer Networks and Cyber Security.

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