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A Comprehensive List of FREE Tech Training to Help Boost Your Career in IT

Updated 16/11/21

Whether you’re looking at entering the IT industry or are already in the industry but looking to expand your skillset; this article aims to list some of the best, free IT resources available today.

The following list is not exhaustive and with the help of other businesses and members of the IT community, I plan on updating this list to include even more opportunities for you to learn new skills. So, if you do have information about other free tech training content, please drop a link in the comments section or alternatively email me at Similarly, please let me know if any of the links are no longer working or if the training is no longer free.

IBM Tech Training

IBM has committed to skilling up 30 million people globally by 2030 to help close the skills gap that currently exists within areas of the industry today. To help achieve this, they have launched a digital learning environment with tons of free and paid learning content and courses. Some of the courses include Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and even Blockchain. I have no doubt that some of the available courses will link back to IBM technologies; I mean, because why wouldn’t they? but regardless, these courses will provide you with new skills that will no doubt make you more employable.

To get started, all you have to do is create an account if you don’t already have one, select your background i.e., Student, Professional, Educator, Organisation or University and then get started with a course. Although I haven’t explored all the offerings that IBM is currently offering, I have noticed that the Student background contains a bunch of free courses while other backgrounds might have paid content for courses that are related to certifications. Nevertheless, there is free training available and I’d recommend that you check it out.

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Microsoft Tech Training

Almost everyone is familiar with Microsoft and has probably used some of their products in the past. However, for those that haven’t and are new to the IT industry, Microsoft is one of the biggest players when it comes to Cloud computing and they also have their fingers in a few other pies too. With that said, obtaining Microsoft certifications will no doubt be well received when looking for new job opportunities and furthermore, you’ll learn some valuable skills at the same time. The great thing about Microsoft (at least for now) is that they have free certification material that you can access and work towards passing their certifications. Some of the available training covers areas such as Security, Data Science, DevOps and even Artificial Intelligence and so if you are interested in some of these areas and want to work towards achieving one or more of their certifications then this training is for you. Better yet, if you’re part of a selected organisation that Microsoft partners with or if you are a student and Microsoft partners with the institute, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 100% for their certification exams. You can check out your eligibility when you plan to schedule a certification exam but don’t wait because I believe that this offer is only available until June 30th 2022.

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Google Cloud Tech Training

Everybody knows Google right? Well, did you know that Google also has a massive cloud platform and is also one of the key players in the Cloud technology race? Don’t worry if not because Google is giving you the keys to the door for one month to learn as much as you can for free and get you prepared to take their certifications. You’ll have to be quick with this one, however, as the offer expires on November 6th 2021. So what are you waiting for? get started below now.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Tech Training

Continuing with some of the top Cloud providers, Amazon has a wide range of free learning paths and digital training content that allow you to acquire new skills in AWS cloud-related technologies. The training on offer will help you prepare for AWS certifications and give you something to shout out about when applying for cloud-related roles.

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Cisco DevNet Tech Training

If you’re keen to work with Cisco products or already do and you’ve started looking at automation and coding then Cisco DevNet might just become your new go-to platform. Cisco DevNet offers a wealth of free information, training and virtual sandbox environments that allow you to fully acquaint yourself with Cisco products, coding languages and even fundamental network concepts.

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Hack The Box Tech Training

For those interested in hacking then this one is for you. Hack the Box provides virtual hacking environments coupled with training content to help you learn the fine art of hacking and penetration skills in general. The cool thing about Hack the Box is that you can complete challenges throughout your learning journey, making the learning journey even more engaging. Hack the Box has free training as well as paid training. If you choose to go down the paid training route, then you can work towards obtaining a Hack the Box certification. However, if you choose to utilise the free training which is also great, the skills that you learn will set you up for many roles and certifications in Cyber Security.

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Cybrary Tech Training

While I personally believe that this platform used to be better in its earlier days before all the paid plans, it’s still a useful Cyber Security resource. Cybrary is a Cyber Security digital training platform that has limited free courses available that can help prepare you for certifications or just learn new skills. There are a number of plans available but if your not looking to pay then you can make use of the free plan which gives you limited access to courses, certification preparation and assessments.

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Try Hack Me Tech Training

Try Hack Me is another great platform for individuals with an interest in hacking and cyber security in general. The platform is designed to be a fun way to learn cyber security through hands-on learning of real-world scenarios. This is great for those looking to add new skills to their resume or bag a new job within the cyber security space. The cool thing about this platform is that they give you the chance to put your skills to the test with other community members by playing games such as King of the Hill; a game whereby individuals try and hack into a machine first and then defend it by patching its vulnerabilities before someone else tries to take it from you. The hands-on approach to learning really helps individuals learn by doing and so if this sounds like it’s for you, visit the website and start learning today.

Get started here. Tech Training

If you’re on the hunt for training focused on coding in different languages then this is the place for you. Although the website is called by accessing the site you have access to training covering different languages too. The website is simple and set out in a way that allows you to learn the basics of a language before getting into some of the more advanced lessons. The great thing about the Phyton training is that once you’ve completed the material if you choose to take the Certified Python Developer exam and score over 90, you will get the certification for free. Note that the website states that its a limited time offer so if your on the hunt for a python certification, don’t delay, jump in and get started now.

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Cisco Duo Tech Training

Cisco Duo, formally known to some as Duo Security prior to the Cisco acquisition, is an MFA solution on steroids. Furthermore, with a huge focus on Zero-Trust, organisations are finding solutions like this very useful and deploying them within their environments to protect applications and services. That said, if you are working with Cisco Duo or you are looking to acquire a new set of skills in MFA then the good news is that Duo has put together some free training. The training is set out into consumable chunks allowing individuals to learn the basics right through to the more advanced features that Duo has to offer. Better yet, once you will be tested on your knowledge throughout and have the opportunity to acquire a Duo certification at the end of each main course…for free. If this sounds tempting, then follow the link below to get signed up and started.

Also, if you or your organisation are looking to purchase Cisco Duo, please get in contact me with and I will be happy to set up a proof of concept to demonstrate the power of Duo.

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Alibaba Cloud Tech Training

Now, I’m going to be honest…Alibaba Cloud isn’t something I’ve come across in my career but hey…it exists! I cannot tell you much about the certification or its benefits but if you have worked with Alibaba Cloud or you just want a new certification then you’re in luck because this is another free certification exam. The certifications that you will be studying towards are the Alibaba Cloud Associate (ACA) and Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACP). From what I can see, you will be required to cover some free scheduled training before taking the free certification exams.

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Test Automation University Tech Training

Test Automation University have a bunch of free courses and training content focused on…you guessed it; automation, coding and API’s. All courses are free and although I’ve not taken any of their courses, the content looks worthy. Completing the courses will earn you badges and certificates to show off to the wider community. The content offered here is great if you are focusing on software development, DevOps or even automation.

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Juniper Tech Training

Juniper very often announces discounted certifications and training to encourage individuals to study their content. This isn’t new and in fact, many other vendors do the same thing too. Nevertheless, if you are working with Juniper products or think you might in the near future then this free training isn’t to be overlooked. Juniper has a rather big market share when it comes to routing and other networking related products so the chances of you needing to know how a Juniper product works at some point in your networking career is high. There’s a bunch of associate-level training material on offer and while the training is free, the certification exam isn’t. However, don’t let that put you off because Juniper also gives you 75% off the certification exam if you score 70% or higher in the assessment test. All the more reason to give them a shot!

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Huawei Training

Notice how I haven’t put ‘tech training’ in the title for this one? That’s because, from the looks of it, Huawei offer training courses focused on a number of areas and not just focused on tech. If we remain with the tech element though, Huawei offers free training for a number of different Huawei certifications; all you have to do to find this is check the ‘Show Only Certificated Courses’ when you click the link below. The courses appear to cover topics ranging from network security to Huawei Cloud certifications.

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Linux Foundation Tech Training

The Linux Foundation has approximately 42 free courses readily available on their website ranging from Cloud, Kubernetes and Blockchain to name a few. If you’re new to Linux I would definitely recommend checking out some of the available courses.

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Free Code Camp Tech Training

Free Code Camp offers free tech training with a focus on different languages. Coupled with that you have the opportunity to obtain certifications too. I would recommend Free Code Camp to those that are looking at learning to code.

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Udemy Training

Udemy has a bunch of free training not just focused on tech but on health and wellbeing as well as professional skills too. These courses are very good for those that may be getting into the tech industry and need to know the basics. Furthermore, if you fancy, why not check out some of the wellbeing courses or professional skills courses, you never know what you’ll learn.

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cPanel Tech Training

cPanel is a web hosting control panel used across a number of platforms. If you are unfamiliar with it but want to learn it and obtain a free certification while doing so then you can take cPanel Professional Certification (CPP) and become certified for 1 year after completing the training.

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Google Analytics Tech Training

Analytics is big business in today’s world and fortunately for those interested in learning more, Google has put together some analytics courses through the Google Analytics Academy. Understandably, the content is focused around Google and how they do things but I’m sure the skills you learn from these courses will be transferrable. Nevertheless, when it comes to analytics, Google is probably one of the best companies to learn from! The Google Analytics Academy has six courses available starting with a beginners course.

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Cisco Networking Academy Tech Training

Cisco has done tons of work in delivering free training material to the world and so it’s no surprise that they are on this list. Cisco Networking Academy is something near and dear to my heart as this is where I first started learning about networking and Cisco in general. The content is great and designed to give you real-world skills that can be used to continue working towards Cisco certifications or give you the skills necessary to assist in carrying out your current tech role.

The free courses offered by Cisco NetAcad include courses focused on Cybersecurity, IoT, Python, Linux, Networking and even entrepreneurial skills.

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edX Tech Training

edX is a website that has a bunch of free tech courses created by some of the best educational institutes in the world. They offer a wide range of tech courses for free and some of which have optional paid upgrades. To take a course, you typically enrol on a session that lasts for a certain period of time. You will be expected to complete the course within the timeframe to be successful.

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Coursera Training

Coursera is another training provider that has a wide range of courses available. Some courses are paid for and some are free! Not all courses are technical related but nevertheless, it’s worth taking a look to see whether any of the free courses are of interest to you.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Tech Training

Last year (2020) Oracle offered many of their certification exams and training material to the world for free. The great news is that they are doing the same again but only for a limited time so you have to be quick. The free training and certification exams are available until 31st December 2021 and cover their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) certifications. I took advantage of this last year and managed to obtain one of their certifications in a couple of days and better yet, I learnt a little about Oracle and their cloud offerings. So, if you’re actively working on Oracle products or plan to work on cloud-related solutions like OCI in the near future then I would recommend this training. You have the chance to learn about Oracles cloud and get certified for free; you can’t get much better than that.

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Splunk Tech Training

Splunk is a monitoring platform used for analysing big data received by multiple devices in a network. If you’re already in the IT industry and working in a networking-related field then the chances are you’ve heard of Splunk already. But did you know they’ve also got a limited selection of free training available that will give you the tools available to understand and use Splunk.

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Palo Alto Tech Training

Palo Alto is a Cybersecurity company with a variety of solutions and certifications on offer. Thankfully, if you need to learn Palo Alto, they’ve got a free digital learning platform that can be used to learn their products. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, they don’t have any discounted certification exams or free certification exams but if you’re serious about getting some Palo Alto skills, make use of the free content available.

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PortSwigger Tech Training

If you’re interested in hacking then you’ve likely to have come across PortSwigger. If you’re new to the cyber security world then you may be wondering what/who PortSwigger is but don’t worry you’ll soon be well acquainted if you enter the world of hacking. That’s because PortSwigger has a product called Burp Suite which is essentially a web vulnerability scanner used extensively by many. Lots of hacking courses cover it and you’ll probably see it mentioned in most hacking-related books when tools are mentioned.

The great thing about PortSwigger is that they offer free interactive training with labs and currently (as of 16/11/21) they’re offering interested individuals the chance to take the certification exam for £6/$8. Better yet, if you managed to pass the Burp Suite Certified Practitioner exam, they’ll refund you the cost of the exam, essentially meaning you could end up with a new certification for FREE.

Spoiler Alert: There are some T&C’s that you should be aware of so do check them out but one thing that stood out for me was the fact that you would need to purchase a subscription of Burp Suite Professional in order to pass the certification exam. This comes in at £319/$428! They also have a trial option but I’m not too sure if/how that will work so please do your due diligence if you’re thinking about taking this exam.

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