An Artificial Intelligence Response to Cyber Security Best Practice

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By now, if you’re in the tech industry I’m sure you’ve heard of the word ‘ChatGPT’ going around. But what is it? What is the point of ChatGPT and what are its capabilities? Well, this article isn’t going to go into the details of all that because you can find that information readily available here but what this article aims to do is show you something cool that I put together using ChatGPT.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been using ChatGPT to test its capabilities as an artificial intelligence chatbot and I must say, I am impressed. Asking ChatGPT a number of questions and getting answers back seemed like an alternative to Google search but without the links. Responses were often given to my questions and the information provided was great and so I started thinking about the different ways I could collate the information provided by ChatGPT. One idea I thought of (which I’m sure many others thought of too) was to use ChatGPT to create documentation. Now, although I didn’t create any scripts to ask questions and parse the responses to a document, I did ask ChatGPT a number of Cyber Security related questions and based off of the responses received, I created the following document titled: An Artificial Intelligence Response to Cyber Security Best Practice.

Pretty cool if you ask me – let me know what you think.

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