Cisco :: Configure ASAv To Use Virtual Serial Ports

In this article, I will demonstrate how to configure the ASAv so that you use a virtual serial port. This article assumes that you have installed the virtual Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance using VMware workstation or it’s equivalent and that you can only access the ASAv CLI via the VMware client.

By default, the virtual serial console on the ASAv is disabled, so that it can be enabled, a few commands are required.

Use Case

At present, I only have access to the ASAv CLI using VMware Fusion but I want to use my computers terminal software to access the CLI for use with GNS3.


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The following steps assume you have already installed the ASAv


  • Power on the ASAv and access the CLI via VMware workstation or it’s equivalent
  • Enter the following commands on the ASAv
    • Enable

    • Configure terminal

    • cd coredumpinfo

  • Copy coredump.cfg disk0:/use_ttyS0 – This will enable the serial console once saved to Disk0:/


  • Now shutdown the ASAv and upon reloading the ASAv will now send its output to the serial interface. Assuming you have all other configurations and settings in place, you should now be able to access the ASAv using your terminal software.

Additional Reference 

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