Cloud Based Protection With Immunet

We all have traditional anti-virus solutions installed on our computers to protect from harmful viruses these days. These traditional anti-virus solutions are installed on your computer along with virus definitions (signatures) and require updating regularly to ensure you are protected against the latest known viruses. The problem with this comes when your anti-virus solution is set to receive updates periodically or you have manually set it to receive updates. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this approach but imagine a software that didn’t required signature updates downloaded directly to your device in order to keep you protected.

Well I have good news, such a solution actually exists.

Immunet is a cloud based anti-virus solution that was acquired by Sourcefire in 2011. Sourcefire was then acquired by Cisco in 2013 and they have continued to offer the Immunet anti-virus solution.

Immunet is a community based malware and anti-virus offering that protects your system with cloud based signatures using ETHOS and SPERO engines. As a community based solution, Immunet can detect and block viruses on one system and almost instantly block on every other system that has Immunet installed. No virus definitions are ever downloaded to your computer with the cloud offering and the application installed on your computer uses less than 160MB of disk space making it very lightweight.

Immunet install.PNG
Immunet only using 26.64MB on Windows 10

Taking the size into consideration, I would recommend this software is used alongside an existing anti-virus solution to give you an added layer of protection.

Immunet is quite feature rich as shown in the image below and is FREE to download here. The link provided will also explain the features and compatibility with different operating systems. immunet2.PNG


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