January 2017 Study Schedule

Happy new year everyone, I hope you have had a fantastic end to the year and you are looking forward to all the possibilities 2017 has to bring.

I have kicked off my year by devising a training schedule for January. The reason I have done this is so that I have some form of structure to my studying. I have dedicated this month to CCNA Security training, it involves a lot more reading, practice tests and labs.

I have dedicated 91.5 hours of my time to studying this month in hopes of mastering the CCNA Security topics, here is my schedule:

ExamTimeCalendar (1).png

As it stands this is how I plan on studying for this month, I will report back at the end of the month to let you all know how I found this and if I feel a lot more confident about the exam material.

Update 31/01/2017

Wow, we have reached the end of the month already, hasn’t that gone quick!!

As promised I have returned to provide an update on this post.

Due to developments with my upcoming job with Cisco, I have had to divert from the study plan I created at the start of the month. I managed to stick to this schedule for at least two weeks before having to change my plan. I am still studying for the CCNA Security 210 – 260 exam through the use of Cisco On Demand training, it is really cool and labs are included with the content too.

If you’ve not noticed already, I am sharing some of the content I have been learning on this blog. You can stay up to date with the latest posts on this blog by subscribing, this will ensure you receive email notifications when a new article is published.

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