Cisco :: How to Install Cisco Configuration Professional Express

Everyone studying for the CCNA Security 210 – 260 will know that Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) is mentioned numerous times throughout the course material. Most often than not, those studying for certifications try their best to lab what they learn and with that in mind, I have decided to provide a video and written instructions on how to install CCP express.


Ensure you have compatible Cisco devices that support CCP

Step 1.

Download CCP from the Cisco website and unzip the folder (CCP Express is FREE)

Step 2.

Download a TFTP server of your choice – in my example I selected Solarwinds

Step 3.

Select the correct directory on the TFTP server and ensure the Cisco files downloaded previously are reachable from that directory

Step 4.

Configure your end device so that it is reachable from the Cisco device

Step 5.

Configure the Cisco device – the following configurations are taken from my lab example

username wizkid privilege 15 secret algorytm-type scrypt  PASSWORD

interface GigabitEthernet1
ip address

ip domain name

hostname R1

ip http server
ip http authentication local
ip http secure-server

You don’t have to generate RSA keys but if you choose to, the following configurations will help.

crypto key generate rsa -> press enter and input 1024 as the key size

ip shh version 2

Step 6.

Copy the files to the Cisco device

tftp: flash: 

Remote hostname: Enter the TFTP server IP address

Source Filename: Enter the source file name of the first file

Destination Filename: Press enter to keep the same name

Step 7.

Repeat Step 6. and add the second file

Step 8.

Extract the ccpexpressAdminxxxxxx file on the Cisco device using the following command

archive tar /xtract flash:FILENAME flash:/

Step 9.

Open a web browser and navigate to the IP address of the Cisco device and log in using the credentials you created on the Cisco device- here is an example from my lab

Username: wizkid

Password: cisco

I have included the lab demonstration video below, if you have anymore questions, leave a comment below.




  1. I am interested to know if anyone else experiences slow loading speeds from the CSR1000v when using CCP? I have allocated 4GB RAM to the CSR1000v and at this stage I can not see any other indications as to why CCP is loading so slow.


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