Cisco Global Cyber Security Scholarship

Having applied for the Global Cyber Security Scholarship with Cisco a good few months ago I really thought I had a good chance of being accepted onto the program but an email from Cisco has told me different.

To help bridge the security skills gap within the IT industry, Cisco put together a $10 million dollar scholarship program to entice security enthusiasts to take their new Cyber Ops certification. Having followed all the steps that Cisco required and in good time, I was really looking forward to receiving an acceptance email with the next steps to starting the program. This unfortunately hasn’t been the case, a few days ago I received an email from Cisco advising me that I have not been selected for the program due to an overwhelming response. Although I would of preferred personal feedback, I am guessing the email was a generic email sent to those not accepted.

Cisco pointed out that they will be opening applications again in 2018 but I don’t think I’ll be hanging about to apply for the next round based on how I’m progressing now. If your reading this and you have NOT been accepted, whats your next step, do you have other certifications lined up? Let us know!

Congratulations to everyone that has made it onto the program, work hard and get that certification. More information about the program can be found here: Cisco Cyber Security Scholarship


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