Packet Tracer Troubleshooting Activity : 102

Hello everyone, I thought it would be a great idea to produce and deliver another troubleshooting exercise for those keen net-workers out there. This is another CCNA level network and I have tried to mix things up a little to make you think a little more about the potential problems.

Network overview

  • All devices were fully configured to send syslog data to the syslog server
  • The network was fully configured and all devices could ping one another
  • The PC’s were assigned DHCP addresses and they could also reach the syslog server


Your objective

It has been found that when checking the syslog messages on the server, AS1 logs are absent from the records. I have tried to access the server from the SALES department and the TECH department but it seems as though the clients don’t have dynamically assigned IP addresses anymore….can you help?

  • Ensure syslog messages from AS1 are logged to the syslog server
  • Ensure both SALES and TECH have dynamically assigned IP addresses starting from 192.168.x.50
  • Test network connectivity to ensure SALES and TECH can reach the syslog server

Should you choose to accept the challenge….your packet tracer file can be found here: Packet Tracer 102

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment on YouTube or on here. When you have completed the task post your results in the form of commands or screenshots.

I will leave you with the video of the network when it was working…good luck!!




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